• Production date
  • Enterprise Chongqing Zongshen motorcycle Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  • Engine Type Single Cylinder
  • Certification 3C
  • Clicks 14488
Enterprise Information
Product Quality Assessment Rating
Enterprise of Export Base ChongQing
Credit Rating of Enterprise AA

Major Performance and Characteristics
Compact engine structure
According to analysis on many limited elements, the engine weight shall be minimized on the premise of ensuring the strength of parts and components. Compact structure design effectively controls the overall dimensions of the engine; the clutch cover is designed to make it easier to remove the clutch, and the start-up shaft is upward, which is more suitable for mounting on the off-road.
Gas passage and combustion system design
Intake and exhaust and combustion system design is optimized, greatly increasing engine gas charging efficiency, improving fuel and gas mixing condition, promoting combustion, and increasing engine power output.
Separate chamber lubrication system
Two oil pumps are provided for the engine to supply lubricating oil for warmed up part and driving part respectively to ensure each moving component of the engine is fully lubricated so as to increase engine reliability.
Valve rocker arm of needle bearing
Valve rocker arm of needle bearing improves friction condition between camshaft and rocker arm, reduces power loss and extends service life;
Special spraying hole design
The box is provided with special spraying hole for spraying oil to cool down and lubricate the cylinder piston, thus effectively controlling piston temperature and improving engine operation environment and extending engine service life.
High-accuracy Morse silent chain 
High-accuracy Morse silent chain reduces noise generated from engine operation and extending chain service life;
Built-in balance shaft device
Built-in balance shaft device effectively balances engine vibration in all directions and makes the engine operate stably with low noise;

Displacement 249.6mL
Bore and Stroke 77×53.6
Ignition DC-CDI
Compression Radio 11.6:1
Max Power 19
Max Torque 22.5
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