Military of the United States‘― new equipment of DTV power system from China Lifan


The American military’s new equipment of DTV with a pretty high performance and much more convenient and flexible than motorcycles and ATVs to control. Its max speed can reach 50km per hour and that improves the efficiency of the infantry personally. The DTV also can be used as an entertainment by ordinary people and there are a lot of people enjoy the riding of it so much.



Here we’d like to tell you that the DTV is equipped with China’s Lifan engine. Hope people from the whole world who loves motorcycles can enjoy the new machine much.



"The surprising thing about riding a Shredder is how exhausting it is. I was ridding winded and physically drained. As you’re standing up and rocking left and right much like a lot of energy. It is a power sport but you’re using entire body to balance."