Productivity 500000
Credit Grade NONE
Export Base TaiZhou
Company Profile The Motorcycle Business of the Zhejiang ZhongNeng Industry Group Co.,Ltd. The Zhejiang ZhongNeng Industry Group Co.,Ltd. was established in 1987; it went into the two-wheel motorcycle business in 1998; since then it has been devoting itself in optimising the city's traffic condition and improving the pleasure of travelling and riding. It makes 'becoming the world famous motorcycle brand and everyone takes pride in owning one ZNEN MOTOR 'as its ultimate goal. Mr. Chen Huanneng, the founder of ZhongNeng Group, chose to start his business in China where the annual motorcycle output reaches 18 million units; he headquartered his company in China's scooter capital, Taizhou of Zhejiang. ZNEN strengthens its close contact with its cooperation partners with Taizhou's superior regional culture and its developed convenient transport hub. Meanwhile, ZNEN actively learns the technical experience and management experience of the world's leading enterprises to make ZNEN progress endlessly. In the past twenty years, ZNEN MOTOR cooperated with the senior American motorcycle company successfully; this helped ZNEN to become one of the earliest Chinese motorcycle producers which gained the American EPA and DOT certifications and also increased ZNEN's confidence to expand on the American market; As for its development in Europe, ZNEN aimed at Italy which is the world's scooter birth place; ZNEN successfully developed a series of classical models including “F8” by cooperating closely with the Italian motorcycle producer which has over a hundred years' production experience and which is Vespa's biggest rival in Italy and also has the same history as Piaggio. ZNEN supported clients and further competes on the European market. ZNEN continuously improves its main factory's equipment and technology by some long-term cooperation with high-end brands; ZNEN has been spending money on the new products R & D and providing new products for its cooperation partners so as to occupy more market shares while providing clients with their needed products. As for the usage of parts and materials for its products, ZNEN makes an effort to display its detailed enterprise values of professional, elegant and accurate. ZNEN MOTOR's products are sold to nearly 60 countries and regions in the world; ZNEN MOTOR makes an utmost effort to find more long-term cooperation partners in order to further develop the overseas market. In addition, ZNEN MOTOR plans to develop three to four new models for all its cooperation partners so as to achieve the full resource complementarily.
Website www.znen.com
Contacts milton
Telephone 0086 13666890877
Fax 0086 576 82935958
Email milton@zhongneng.com
Address #389 Xinwen Road, Xinqiao Town, Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang, China
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